Corner insulating shuttering blocks for passive buildings

These 35cm-thick shuttering blocks are corner components that go with the straight shuttering blocks for passive buildings. These components are used to form corners in the construction of passive buildings and have an excellent thermal insulation (U=0.144 W/m² K) and thermal resistance (R=6.94 m² K/W).

Technical data on the corner component:

  • Outer insulation : 15cm
  • Inner insulation : 5cm
  • Thermal insulation : U=0,144W/m² K
  • Thermal resistance : R=6,94 m² K/W
  • Basic component - thickness of concrete : 15cm
  • Dimensions:
    • Height: 61,50cm
    • Wall thickness: 35cm
    • Lenght 120cm

Number of m² per component : 0,73 m²
Number of components for 3m² of wall : 4 components

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